Tune list for 21/09/2020

We are back Monday night with the wonderful Erin and amazing Brendan, incredible musicians and will look at a new tune Henry Roe McDermott. Should be a great night.See you there with bells on. Ps Brendan has recorded a CD of his beautiful playing at the moment it is on a flash drive if you are interested in purchasing it, physical cds to come. $20 he’s a stunning accordion/piano player.

Roddy McCorley
Elsey’s Waltz
Scottish Medley
Boys of the Town
Mrs Helen Robertson
O’Carolans Concerto
King of the Fairies

So Beg Si Mor/Planxty Irwin
Ships in full sail
O’Carolans Quarrel
Raglan Road
Merrily Kiss the Quakers wife
Foxhunters Jig
Dunnings Farewell

Plus selections from members