Tune List 09/08/2021

Allan, Mika and Brian (B2) will now be leading the session this Monday 9th.

Our interpretation of the present covid regulations is that we have to wear masks while entering and exiting the club – but not while sitting and sipping our drinks (water or wine) and playing our flutes (whistles) and eating our biscuits. Bring your cup for a mid-evening drink and bring your own supper.

Social distancing will apply.

No singing.

Roddy McCorley 62 BBS
Rakes of Mallow 53 BBS
O’Carolan’s Concerto 93 BBS
Planxty Irwin/For Ireland 97 BBS
Meeting of the Water’s 64 Book 2
Little Brown Jug 55 Book 2
Maggie x 3 59 Book 2
O’Donnell Abu 77 Book 2
Redwing Set 84 Book 2


Orlando’s Return 79 Book 2
Phil the Fluter’s Ball 82 Book 2
Ships in Full Sail 100 Book 2
Spanish Waltz/South Wind/ Fanny Power 103Book 2
Dark Island 61 Book 3
Dingle Regatta 64 Book 3
Lovers waltz Sheet D and G?
Junior Crehan’s 33 Book 2
Dunnings Farewell 48 Book 2