Tune List for 05/03/2018

Come along and enjoy a night of music!  No matter what skill level, you’re welcome to join in and play a bunch of tunes with us!


Roddy McCorley 62 BBS

Bonny Doon/Rose of Aranmore/Will Ye Go 3/2/6 BBS

Siege of Innes set 44 BBS

Planxty Irwin/For Ireland 97/98

Green Castle/Trumpet 74/75 BBS

Lanigan’s Ball set 16 BBS

Genevieve’s waltz 22 B2

Blackthorn Stick 7 BBS


Arran Boat Song/Starry Nights 1/2 B2

Boys of the Town Set 5 B2

Tune for Maurice 1 B3

Kerry Polka 1.2.3 37 B2

Endearing Young Charms 20 B3

Athol Highlanders 16 B3

Moran’s Return/Morning has Broken 110/111 B3

O’Carolan’s Quarrel 45 B3

Dunning’s Farewell 48 B2