Tune list for 08/05/2017

This week Arline and Allan will be leading and we will be playing mostly well known old favorites. Come along, relax and enjoy!

Roddy McCorley 62 BBS
Bonny Doon/South Wind/Will Ye Go 3/4/6 BBS
Nancy set 50 BBS
Give Me your Hand/ Se Beg Si Mor 95/96 BBS
Miller of Glanmire 13 BBS
Dear Old Donegal Sheet
Off to California set 71 BBS
Mull of Kintyre Sheet


Boys of the Town 5 NB
Australian Set 127 NB
Advance Australia Fair 133 NB
Spanish Lady Set 107 NB
Belfast Polka Sheet
Arran Boat Song 1 NB
Irish Washerwoman 30 NB
Dunning’s Farewell 48 NB
EXTRA: Phil The Fluter’s Ball