Tune list for 08/07/2019

We are lucky to have Georgette and Casey leading this Monday and they have chosen a great list of tunes for us!

There is something to please every one so come along if you can and have some fun!


Monday night CMC session with Georgette and Casey
Roddy McCorley/ Mountains of Pomeroy/Centenary march BBS 62,63,64
Joe Burke’s Jig/Over the oceans/ Saddle the pony BBS 10,11,12
Pat Organ’s #1/ Pat Horgans #2/ Pat horgans #3
Ashoka farewell CMC 3 15
The butterfly/kid on the mountain CMC 2 10,11
Morpeth rant/Alexandra Park CMC book 3 112,113
Rakes of Mallow/ Davey knick knack/ soldier’s Joy BBS
Moon behind the hill/those endearing young charms/Edelweiss waltzes sheet
Concertina reel/Cooley’s/Father Kelly’s reel cmc 3 54,55,56
Clare jig/ Road to Lisdoonvarna CMC book 3 50,51


Banish misfortune BBS 27
Atholl highlanders CMC 3 16
Sweet forget me not/come back paddy Reilly/spancil hill cmc3 133
Irish washerwoman/Gary Owen/ dancing master CMC 2 30, 31,32 (swallow tail)
Maggie West’s waltz CMC 3 92
Sporting paddy/drowsy Maggie bbs 84,85
Fields of Athenry in C Casey to sing
Fox hunters/Rocky road to Dublin bbs 30,31
Leaving liverpool /South Australia/Drunken sailor/My love is but a lassie yet NB