Tune list for 08/10/2018

Monday night CMC session 8th October with Georgette, Casey, Ted, Allan and
Roddy McCorley/ Mountains of Pomeroy/Centenary march BBS 62,63,64
Joe Burke’s Jig/Over the oceans/ Saddle the pony BBS 10,11,12
Pat Organ’s #1/ Pat Horgans #2/ Pat horgans #3
Fox hunters jig/rocky road to Dublin/slip jig bbs 30, 31, 32
Rakes of Mallow/ Davey knick knack/ soldier’s Joy BBS
Fairy reel/ CMC book 3 140 /drowsy maggie bbs 84, 85
O,Keefes slide/cock of the north/100 pipers bbs 56,57,58
The fields of athenry song Casey to sing in C
Off to California/boys of blue hill/ harvest home bbs 70, 71, 72
Clare jig/ Road to Lisdoonvarna CMC book 3 50,51
Irish washerwoman/ Garry Owen/dancing master cmc book 2 30, 31,32
Molly Malone Casey to sing sheet
The butterfly/kid on the mountain CMC book 2 10
After the Battle of Augrim/the green cockade/lord Mayo bbs 65,66,67
Merrily kissed the quakers wife cmc book 2 67,68 69
Si beag si Mohr bbs 96
Dingle regatta/going to the well for water CMC3
Leaving liverpool /South Australia/Drunken sailor/My love is but a lassie yet NB 46,47,48,49