Tune List for 10/02/2020

Georgette and friends are leading on Monday night.  Georgette is just back from Ireland and will be telling us of her adventures and of the music she heard.
This will be a session not to miss!
Roddy McCorley/ Mountains of Pomeroy/Centenary march BBS 62,63,64
Banish misfortune/smash the windows/Clare jig bbs 27,29,23
Pat Organ’s #1/ Pat Horgans #2/ Pat horgans #3 bbs 35,26,37
Brosna “slide/O’Keefes slide/Denis Murphy’s slide sheet
Lucy Farr barn dance/boys of blue hill/harvest home/king of the fairies sheet and bbs72,73
cmc book 2 46
si beag si Mhor/planxty Irwin bbs 96,97
Siege of Ennis/the rose tree/bog down in the valley bbs 44,45,46
Concertina reel/Cooley’s/Father Kelly’s reel cmc 3 54,55,56
Rakes of Mallow/ Davey knick knack/ soldier’s Joy BBS 53
St Anne’s reel/Flowers of Edinburgh cmc3 119,120
Fanny power/south wind cmc 2 8,9


Ballydesmond polka #2/Ballydesmond polka#1/Kerry polka #1 sheet
Siege of Ennis/the rose tree/bog down in the valley bbs 44,45,46
Ten penny bit/kesh/my darling asleep/out on the ocean/saddle the pony sheet or bbs 15
cmc 3 48,49 bbs 11,12
Maggie West’s waltz CMC 3 92
Fox hunters/rocky road to Dublin/slip jig bbs 30,31,32
Farquars and Hetties waltz/My Cape Breton Home cmc 3, 69,70
Leaving liverpool /South Australia/Drunken sailor/My love is but a lassie yet NB