Tune list for 10/10/2016

We needed a new jig set for our dances and found The Miller of Glanmire set is perfect, suitable for dancing and fun to play.

For the bodhran players we have McNamara’s Band on the list, where we will do something similar to what we do with Men of Harleck. Don’t miss it!

Roddy McCorley 62 BBS
Buachaill On Eirne 7 NB
King of the Fairies 46 NB
Star of County Down 110 NB
Raglan Road 83 NB
Off to California 71 BBS
Planxty Irwin 97 BBS
Rakes of Mallow 53 BBS


Sweets of May 59 BBS
Miller of Glanmire set 13/14/15 BBS (played slowly)
Scotland the Brave/ Kapunda 95/36 NB
O’Carolan’s Quarrel Sheet
Phil the Fluter’s Ball 82 NB
McNamara’s Band sheet (with Dear Old Donegal)
Fields of Athenry sheet
Glen Allen set 81/82/89 BBS (or on single sheet)
Dunning’s Farewell 48 NB

Extra: Danny Boy 58 NB