Tune List for 14/08/2017

Arline will be leading Monday and It will be another great session! We look forward to seeing you there!

Roddy McCorley            62 BBS
Rakes of Mallow            53 BBS
Sweets of May               59 BBS
Battle of Augrim            65 BBS
Maggie West’s Waltz       sheet
Glen Allen Set               81 BBS
O’Carolan’s Quarrel       Sheet
Miller of Glanmire        13 BBS
Pat Horgan’s                 35 BBS

Maurice’s Tune             Sheet
Irish Washerwoman     30 NB
O’Donnell Abu            77 NB
Scotland TB/ Kapunda    95 NB
Mazurka Set                 Sheet
Lilting Fisherman        52 NB
Bonaparte Crossing     Sheet
Men of Harlech           112 NB
Dunning’s Farewell     48 NB