Tune list for 15/11/2021

Allan, Mika and Brian Moore are leading the session this Monday 15th November.So you will be in good hands.

Roddey McCorley 62 BBS
Clare Jig set 50 Book 3
Ashokan Farewell 15 Book 3
King of the Faries set 46 Book 2
Lilting Fisherman/Tell Her I Am 52 Book 2
Battle of Augrim set 65 BBS
Rose of Aranmore/Bonnie Doon/Will Ye Go Lassie 2/3/6 BBS
Da Slockit Light sheet


St Mary’s Set 128 Book 3
Foggie Dew 2x slow – 2x fast sheet
Spanish Lady set 107 Book 2
Irish Rover Sheet
Junior Crehan’s set 33 Book 2
When Irish Eyes sheet
Steamboat set 113 Book 2
Dunning’s Farewell 48 Book 2