Tune list for 16/10/2017

Arline will be leading on Monday and she has chosen a good variety of tunes for us. Hope you can join us!

Roddy McCorley 62 BBS
Blackthorn Stick 7 BBS
Sweets of May 59 BBS
Billy of Tea Sheet
Off She Goes 28 BBS
Siege of Innes 44 BBS
Miller of Glanmire 13 BBS
Church Street 41 BBS
Bonaparte Crossing the Rhine Sheet
Rakes of Mallow 53 BBS


O’Donnell Abu 77 NB
O’Carolans Quarrel Sheet
Battle of Augrim 65 BBS
Mrs Helen Robinson 73 NB
King of the Fairies 46 NB
Lilting Fisherman 52 NB
Scotland The Brave 95 NB
Australian Set 127 NB
Dunning’s Farewell 48 NB