Tune list for 23/04/2018

We have Georgette and Casey leading us Monday night with a great list of tunes. Some old favorites and a few new tunes from our book 3. It will be a great night!

Roddy McCorley/ Mountains of Pomeroy/Centenary march BBS 62,63,64
Joe Burke’s Jig/Over the oceans/ Saddle the pony BBS 10,11,12

Pat Organ’s #1/ Pat Horgans #2/ Pat horgans #3 BBS
Father Murphy/my dancing shoes CMC book 3 11, 12 by Colleen Kirby

Si beag Si mhor/Planxty Irwin BBS 96,97
Athol Highlanders CMC book 3 16

Rakes of Mallow/ Davey knick knack/ soldier’s Joy BBS 53,54,55
Belgarth waltz/Bell Table Waltz CMC book 3 18, 19
Buachaill on eirne /Fanny power, /south wind No 7,8,9
Clare jig/Kesh jig/my darling asleep CMC 3 47,48,49

Ships in full sail CMC 2 100,101,102
Concertina reel/Cooley’s reel/father Kelly’s reel CMC 54,55,5t
Merrily kissed the quakers wife/Battering ram/Lark in the morning NB 67,68,69
Lannigans ball, Top of Cork Rd/tripping up the stairs, BBS 16,17,18
Willa fjord/spootiskerry CMC 3 141, 142
Foxhunters jig/Rocky road to Dublin/Slip jig BBS 30.31.32
Lord Inchiquin/Hewlett CMC 3 100, 101
Muckin’ of Geordies’ byre /100 pipers/Cock of the north NB 74,75,76
Leaving liverpool /South Australia/Drunken sailor/My love is but a lassie yet NB