Tune List for 25/10/2021

The group “About Time” (Ted, Kirsty and Beth) will be leading our session on Monday night. The playlist and new tune sheets are attached.

For Guitarists, Ted has a special sheet of music, which will be provided on the night. Please bring your capo if you have one. He has a couple of spare capos if needed.

On the St Patrick’s Day Jig sheet there are two pieces, but we will only play The St Patrick’s Day Jig. The other tune is great but for another time or your personal enjoyment!

The Witches Wood sheet is different from the one you received recently, Ted has rearranged it a bit and added a second matching tune. Have a quick look before Monday if you get a chance. There will be a few printed copies available on the night if you cannot print at home.

See you in the Irish Club next Monday.

regards Brian


OCTOBER 25th 2021

Roddy McCorley Set BBS 62/63/64
Sweet Forget Me Not Waltz Set Bk 3 / pg 65
Clumsy Lover / High Road to Linton Bk 3 / pg 28
Ashokan Farewell x 3 Bk 3 / pg 11
Billy of Tea and Tom Blackman (repeat Billy of Tea once) Bk 3 / pg 17
Sonny’s Mazurka and Shoe the Donkey Bk 3 / pg 44
(NEW): Witches Sheet + special for Guitars Sheet
O’Carolan’s Quarrel with the Landlady Bk 3 / pg 25
The Steamboat Set Bk 2 / pg 49
Maguire and Patterson and Perth Waltz Bk 2 / pg 25

(NEW SONG and TUNE) Carney Malone Sheet
Swedish Masquerade Bk 2 / pg 51
Sally Gardens / Parting Glass Bk 2 / pg 41
Spanish Lady Set Bk 2 / pg 47
Pat Horgans Set BBS 35/36/37
March of the King of Laoise BBS 69
Planxty Irwin / For Ireland BBS 97/98
(NEW) St Patrick’s Day Jig Sheet
Dunning’s Farewell Bk 2 / pg 20