Tune list for 26/03/2018

We have Aine’s group Seisiún Beag, leading on Monday night the tune list is attached. It will be a fun night and we hope you can come!
The following Monday is Easter Monday so there will be no session that day.  Don’t miss this one!

Tune List for 26th March 2018
1. Rodi Mc Corley set March BBS 62, 63, 64
2. Kilrush Polka No. 1 Polka Previous Handout*
3. Moran’s Return Air Previous Handout *
4. The Blackthorn Jig Set Jig BBS 7,8,9
5. Banish Misfortune Jig BBS 27
6. The Rakes of Mallow Polka BBS 53 54 55
7. Irish Waltz Set Waltz Previous Handout*
8. Lucy Farr’s Barndance New Sheet
introduced before & after break
9. Mug of Brown Ale Set Jig Previous Handout*
10. March of the King of Laois March BBS 69
11. Silver Spear Reel Set Reel Previous Handout*
12. Blind Mary Air New sheet
13. The Four Mazurkas Mazurka CMC p.43 44

14. Leaving of Liverpool Set Shanty CMC Book 2 – 48,49,50
Some of the less familiar tunes may be repeated if we have time in order to become more
acquainted with them

*Indicates some copies are available at the front table for those who did not get them earlier
Some of the above tunes are in the CMC music books compiled by Brian Maddison