Tune list for 27/08/2018

We have Fred leading the session on Monday night!  Come along and join in the fun!


Roddy McCorley Set                                                    BBS 62
Bonnie Doon/Sth Wind/Will Ye Go Lassie                 BBS 3/4/6
Little Brown Jug Set                                                     B2 55
Athol Highlanders Set                                                  B3 16
Billy Of Tea Set                                                            B3 25
Siege Of Ennis Set                                                       BBS 44
Merrily Kiss The Quakers                                            BBS 25
Elsey Waltz                                                                  BBS 19
Galway Waltz     (Singer?)                                           Sheet
King Fairies/Right Of Man                                           BK2 46/47
Pat Organ’s Set                                                            BBS 35
O’Donnell Abu Set                                                        BK2 77
Muckin’O Geordies Byre Set                                        BK2 74
Clare Jig/Rd To Lis.Doon                                              BK3 50/51
Rakes Of Mallow Set                                                    BBS 53
Tune For Maurice                                                         BK3 1
Lullaby                                                                          BK3 13
Leaving Liverpool                                                         BK2 48