Tune list for 30/10/2017

Nina will be leading tonight’s and it is going to be a great session, hope you can make it!

Roddy  McCorley set              BBS 62,63,64

Bonnie Doon set                  BBS 3,6,4,5
Lannigans Ball set               BBS 16,17,18
Rakes of Mallow set              BBS 53,54,55
Church Street set                BBS 41,42,43
Give Me Your Hand                BBS 95
Ash Plant Set                    BBS 90,91,92
Floral Dance–Elynn Howlek        sheet
Maurices Tune                    sheet
Mrs Helen Robertson              sheet


Raglan Road                      BK2 33
Kapunda Schottische              BK2 36
Bard of Armagh set               BK2 3,4
Valse Frontenac(key G)           BK2 123
Visit to Ireland set             BK2 124,125,126
Kesh Jig set                     BK2 43,44,45
Redwing Set                      BK2 84,85,86
Pattersons Air                   sheet
Clap Your Hands set              BK2 12,13,14,15
Leaving of Liverpool set         BK2 48,49,50